How to run a successful promotion

How to run a successful promotion

Often, brand managers use promotions to help encourage their customers to write reviews.

Promotions, incentives or offers are a great way to reach out to your customers and have been used very successfully by other businesses in the past.

Before you consider running a promotion, ensure that you read through the ACCC's guidelines for Offering Incentives which are quoted below:

Businesses that offer incentives to those who write positive reviews risk misleading consumers and breaching the CCA. Incentives should only be offered in exchange for reviews of your business (its products or services) if:

  • incentives are offered equally to consumers likely to be complimentary and consumers likely to be critical, and positive and negative reviews are treated the same
  • the reviewer is expressly told that the incentive is available whether the review is positive or negative
  • the incentive is prominently disclosed to users who rely on affected reviews.

Once your promotion is prepared, please email us before the beginning of your promotion so we can place a notice on your listing to help your promotion comply with the ACCC. 



  • Read through the ACCC's Guidelines.
  • Email us if you're offering an incentive.
  • Offer a fair incentive to all of your customers--happy or not.
  • Actively monitor your listing while you run your promotion and respond to your customers.