How does the Review Invitations Tool work?

Our Review Invitations Tool allows you to reach out to your customers after the purchase process via email in garnering reviews for your products.

This is the general process for the tool:

  • Obtain the details of the customers you wish to send out the Review Invitation to. You will require their first & last name, and their email address. Most of our subscribers obtain this through their invoicing database or post-purchase mailing list.
  • Format the details in one file, following the provided Example File. You can do this in a plain text editor like Github Atom.
  • In the Brand Management Platform, navigate to the Review Invitations Tool, and press Invite Customers.
  • Fill out the details in the form, uploading your CSV file.
  • Once received successfully, you will see a new task under Invitation History with the status Created. At this stage, it will join a mailings queue for our Content Team to process.
  • Our Content Team will then process your mailings in due course; we maximise the potential of your requests by sending your reviews at an optimised time during the week. Once the mailings are processed, they will be marked as Sent in the tool.
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