How do I show reviews on our Facebook page?

How do I show reviews on our Facebook page?

Note: This feature is only available for Professional and Premium Tier Brand Management customers.

The Facebook Reviews integration allows you to integrate your reviews with your Facebook page. In 3 simple steps, it allows your customers & fans to read the latest reviews and write reviews of their own, all right through a tab on your Facebook page.

Please note: The reviews shown on your Facebook tab will be the latest 20 reviews as shown on your company profile. We strongly believe that companies should be transparent and value both positive and negative genuine opinions. This not only presents consumers with a complete and consistent picture of your company across the two mediums but also adds to the trustworthiness of your brand.



You must have current administrator access to the Facebook page you wish to add reviews to. 

Step 1: Get your Facebook Page ID

Go to your Facebook Page, and in the menu, click the About tab.

On this page, you will find your Facebook Page ID (typically, it is listed on the bottom.) Copy this ID number for future reference.


Step 2: Link your Page

Log in to your Brand Management Dashboard, and on the menu, click Facebook Reviews.

On this page, under Step 1, enter in your Facebook Page ID, and then press Save.


Step 3: Enable the tool

After saving your Facebook Page ID, under Step 2, press Add Reviews to your Facebook Page

On the next page, select the page you wish to add your reviews to, and press Add this Tab.

Please note: you can only add reviews for the page you have administrative access to. If there is already an attached listing for this page, you will not be able to select that page without removing the existing integration first (see Removing the Tool).

After this, you should receive a confirmation that the reviews have been successfully added to your Facebook page. If you browse to your Facebook page, you will see a new tab "Reviews from", which has your latest reviews, and a button for viewers to write their own review:


Removing reviews from Facebook page

Should you wish to remove Facebook integration with your reviews, you can remove the tool through the following instructions:

  • Log in to the Brand Management Dashboard and click Facebook Reviews,
  • Under the notification, follow the link to remove Facebook reviews integration,
  • Follow the instructions from this Facebook Help Centre article to remove the Reviews from tab from your page: