How do I ask for reviews?

How do I ask for reviews?

The Brand Management Platform provides several features to help you reach out to your customers for genuine reviews.

Below we have outlined several 'Do's and 'Don’t's that will help you build up your reviews in the right way.



  • Ask your customers to write reviews in your post-purchase or invoice emails. This is one of the best ways to get a continuous flow of review from your customers and help make requesting reviews a habit in your organisation.
  • Use the Manual Invitation Campaigns on your Brand Management Platform. This is where reaches out on your behalf to request customers to submit a review.
  • Leverage the Write Review Cards feature on your Brand Management Platform. This enables you to prints out a card that directs your customers to review your listing. You can give these to customers when they are leaving your storefront or office.
  • Use the Write Review Link on your Brand Management Platform. This enables you to embed a link with pre-fillable fields into your eDMs and post-purchase emails.
  • Use regular communications like newsletters as a tool to reinforce your requests for reviews with a direct link to your listings Write Review page.
  • Post a Facebook message asking your Facebook users for genuine feedback via a link to your listing’s Write Review page.
  • Give incentives to customers for providing your business with a review (incentives need to be applied equally to positive and negative reviews to comply with our posting guidelines). Read more on that here.



  • Have your customers write reviews from your storefront or office.
  • Have anyone affiliated with your company submit reviews.
  • Instruct your customers what to write in their review.
  • Do not link a positive review to any type of incentive. Incentives must be offered equally to customers that are likely to be complementary and customers likely to be critical. Read more on that here.


We also encourage brand managers to read through our Posting Guidelines before collecting reviews for their listing. This will help ensure reviews are not rejected for breaching these guidelines.