2017 ProductReview.com.au Awards

Check out the winners for the 2017 ProductReview.com.au Awards


The ProductReview.com.au Awards is an annual award season conducted by the Editorial & Data Team at ProductReview.com.au. This initiative highlights products and services that are the most highly regarded by the ProductReview community.

The awards are conducted and judged independently and impartially by the Editorial & Data Team, where awards cannot be bought, nor be influenced by commercial relationships.

The 2017 ProductReview.com.au Awards marks the inaugural season for the website, with 72 products and services (out of more than 65,000 items) winning an award for 2017. These winners are products and services from ProductReview's most popular categories. They represent the best and most reliable purchasing choices available to Australian consumers in 2016 & 2017.

How are ProductReview.com.au Award winners determined?

Award winners are based on the following criteria:

  • Listed in a selection of the most popular categories on ProductReview.com.au,
  • Full retail availability to the Australian public on November 30th 2016,
  • A minimum Star Score of 4.1 stars on 30th November 2016,
  • 8 or more approved reviews written and approved between January 1st to November 30th 2017,
  • The proportion of 5-star to 1-star reviews is taken into account, with more weight being given to reviews written in 2016.

Using the metrics given from the above criteria, alongside qualitative analysis of review data, the judges choose the highest scoring items within a category to win the award.

There may be 1 or 2 winners per category, depending on the strength of the star scores (eg. a potential runner up would not win an award if the product or service does not completely meet the criteria).

The Content Team may veto any award wins if has been any inconsistencies, breaches or violations with the Posting Guidelines for reviews pertaining to the item.

Award wins do not play a factor in our ranking algorithm, and therefore, does not change item ranking positions on the category page.

Award Winners & Commercial Relationships

The ProductReview.com.au Awards season is completely independent to our Commercial offerings for brands (Brand Management Platform, Native Advertising, etc.). Any existing commercial relationships do not play a factor at all in any award judgement, either positively or negatively.

All items can qualify to win an award, regardless of a brand being a Brand Management Platform subscriber or Native Advertiser, as long as the item meets the judging criteria.

Items that have won a ProductReview Award

You can identify 2017 ProductReview.com.au Award Winners by a badge placed next to the item's name.

Additionally, we are providing highlights of the award season via Facebook & Instagram - follow us to keep on top of the latest award winners.