$20 Coles Gift Card FAQs [Finished]

This giveaway has concluded as of 22/07/2020. Thank you to everyone who participated.

For enquires regarding this promotion please contact promotions@productreview.com.au


Why haven’t I received my gift card yet?
Gift cards are emailed each Friday at 5 pm. If a public holiday falls on a Friday then the gift cards will be emailed on the next business day. If you believe you should have already received a gift card, email us at promotions@productreview.com.au.


I think I've written enough reviews, but my counter keeps saying I need to write more, what’s going on?

In order for reviews to be eligible for this giveaway, they need to include a proof of purchase document, be for a product that is in one of our specified categories and be currently available from Australian retailers. Please note that no reviews for businesses or services are included in this promotion, although of course, we do appreciate them!
To make sure your reviews are included, check they are in one of the categories on the promotion page, they are not marked as ‘discontinued’ or ‘replaced’, and your review is written on the page for the item, rather than on the page for the shop you purchased it from (e.g. don't write a review for your fridge on the Harvey Norman page). Reviews also need to have been submitted after this promotion began on 01/07/2017.


I had four reviews published and approved, but now one has been unpublished, why?

While reviews may sometimes be automatically approved and published, we may ask for a proof-of-purchase document at a later date once our Moderation Team is able to check reviews manually. You will receive an email if this document is requested. This is one of the precautions we take to ensure we are showing the most reliable reviews possible on our site.
A proof-of-purchase request isn’t an indication that we think your review is untrustworthy or dishonest, it’s just a random check by us. Your information is not disclosed to any third party, including the business or manufacturer you are reviewing. You can read our Privacy Policy here.


How many gift cards can I get?

Each member can only receive one $20 gift card for this promotion, whether you write 4 reviews in one day, or 1 review a month for 4 months. One individual is not permitted to create multiple accounts in order to obtain multiple gift cards for this promotion. However, we regularly run other giveaways which you are welcome to enter - subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date!
UPDATE: If you received a gift card prior to February 2019, you may be eligible to receive a 2nd gift card. Only reviews published on or after 06/02/2019 will count towards your new total of 4, and the reviews must meet all other conditions of this promotion.


Where can I use this gift card?

The gift cards can only be used in-store at Coles Supermarkets or Bi-Lo stores. Unfortunately Coles does not allow gift cards to be used for online shopping (this is not an intentional decision by us, and there is not a gift card format available to us that can be used on the Coles Online supermarket). We apologise if this inconveniences anyone, but please understand that it is literally not possible for us to supply gift cards that you can use in the Coles Online store.


I can't get my gift card to work at the checkout!

You may have to scan the barcode through the smaller 'Fly Buys' scanner instead of the main scanner. If you are scanning the barcode off your smartphone, it is recommended you turn your screen brightness up to the maximum setting. If your total shop amount is more than the amount on the gift card, you will have to manually enter that you are doing a split payment, and that only $20 should be taken from the gift card - the checkout won't automatically empty the card of its value.
You can check your gift card balance here: Coles Gift Card Management Service.

You will need to enter the last 17 digits of your gift card, and your PIN to access this page.

If you are having any other problems with your gift card you should contact Coles Support on 1300 304 990. ProductReview.com.au is not affiliated with Coles, Wex, or Cashstar, so the support we can provide is limited to the issues already covered in this FAQ page. You can see Coles' own FAQ page here.