What is your policy on incentivised reviews?

We believe that when there are more opinions and information about a product or service, it's easier to make better purchasing decisions. That is why businesses and brands may elect to offer incentives or rewards to customers in exchange for a review. Our Incentivised Reviews Policy ensures complete transparency and integrity with incentivised reviews, so you can be assured that you can trust any review you read on ProductReview.com.au - incentivised or not.

Our Incentivised Reviews Policy ensures that all incentives are compliant with guidelines set by the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC), in accordance with the Competition and Consumer Act (2010).


Incentive Requirements

When a brand decides to offer an incentive in exchange for a review left on their listing on ProductReview.com.au, the brand must contact us beforehand as to ensure that the incentive campaign meets our policy. We then confirm that the brand has clearly defined their incentive terms (eg. what it would require for a reviewer to receive their incentive), and also determine the length of the incentive period.

Using this information, we then place a notice on the relevant product or service listing(s):


At the very minimum, this message remains on a listing for the entirety of the incentive period. However, incentive messages will still remain on a listing until the number of incentivised reviews falls below that of reviews that did not receive an incentive. This is to ensure that readers are not misled.

Every incentive must be equally offered to all reviews received for both positive and negative reviews. During the incentive application, a brand agrees to ensure that the incentive is equally offered and provided; we also perform spot checks and audits to ensure compliance.

It is the responsibility of the brand to provide the review incentive once an eligible review is written. We are not affiliated with brands' incentive campaigns in any way.


What happens to brands who don't comply?

We take compliance with our Incentivised Reviews Policy very seriously - not only do non-compliant incentives breach the law, they also undermine the trust of our users. That is why we are very proactive in enforcing our policy.

Our sophisticated Content Algorithm and our dedicated Moderation Team continually analyse review patterns and metadata to determine if a review may come from an undisclosed or a non-compliant review incentive campaign.

If we discover reviews generated from a non-compliant incentive campaign, we:

  • Remove all reviews associated with the campaign,
  • Place a large warning notice on the listing, advising users that the brand has generated filtered or skewed reviews, and
  • Refer the brand and all evidence to the ACCC for further action.