For brands: February 2019 update


Over the past few years, has been redeveloping the infrastructure of our website. This has set the stage for the new features we will be providing on our Brand Management Platform subscription service. 

Initially, most of the updates that you will see will be on the consumer side. However, we will gradually be releasing our new Brand Management features in the coming months.  

With the first release, the major changes on the Brand Management Platform will include:


An updated Brand Management interface

We have segmented each feature of the Brand Management Platform into separate tabs on the left side of the Brand Management dashboard. 

A more secure authentication system

Passwords will no longer be required for logging in. Instead, you will be sent an email that will enable you to login to the Brand Management Platform.




Updated URL structures for entries

Original URL structures previously followed this convention:

New URL structures will follow this convention:

All original URLs will redirect to the new URL structure with the launch of the new website.

Listing content submission reports

Content reports will enable brands to see the number of reviews, questions, comments, and answers they have received for each listing. The report will also show the breakdown of the rating score of each review for each listing, as well as the number of responses that the brand manager has provided. 




Listing traffic reports

Traffic reports will enable brands to track the number of page views their listings receive by day. This gives brands a better idea of the impact that their advertising campaigns may have on researching consumers.


Team management features (as an upgradeable feature)

Brands now have the ability to assign their colleagues to specific listings and teams. This is useful for brands that manage several items across multiple categories or businesses that have several locations. 

When a brand manager is assigned to a team, they will only receive notifications for the listings that have been linked to this team.



User invitation features (as an upgradeable feature)

Brands can now invite colleagues to help them manage their listings by emailing a link that will allow users to automatically sign up as a brand manager. 

The ability to track user behaviour (as an upgradeable feature)

Brands will be able to track the number of impressions and clicks that they receive on the different placements where their listing appears on

This will enable you to see how many users are clicking onto your listing, and where they see your brand on

We have more features in the works like integration capabilities with eCommerce platforms, increased customisation for our rating badges and review widgets, and also increased syndication capabilities. These features will be coming soon.