How do I use the External Entry IDs in my Write Review Links?

How do I use the External Entry IDs in my Write Review Links?

Note: This feature is only available for Professional and Premium Tier Brand Management customers.

External Entry IDs can be found on the Catalog section of the Brand Management Platform and provide an easy way to link your own product IDs to the listings that you have on

By using the distinct IDs that you have for your products and assigning these as 'external extry IDs' to your listings, you'll be able to substitute your product IDs into a pre-fillable field on your write review links so that you can direct your customers to the right product listings when they leave a review using a single link.


Step 1: Add your own product IDs to the corresponding listing page on via the External Entry ID feature. You can learn how to do this here.

Step 2: Navigate to the Write Review tab and select the 'Use my own Product IDs via the External Entry ID feature' button.


Step 3: Copy the link provided and embed this into your communication channel such as an automated post-purchase email campaign. 

Step 4: Your new link will have an __YOUR_PRODUCT_ID__ placeholder. These are substitution tags that will be replaced with the product ID. Ensure that in your post-purchase email database you specify the product that each customer has bought and that the column matches the placeholder so that the IDs can be correctly substituted in. 


Please note:

If you are using a third-party software to send your post-purchase emails, you may need to replace these substitution tags with the relevant placeholders set out in the guidelines of your third-party software providers. 

E.g. If the software guidelines require substitution tags to be in this format: %product_ID% you will need to replace __YOUR_PRODUCT_ID__ section of the link with the correct format.