Why do I have to provide proof of purchase?

When you post a review on ProductReview, we may ask you to provide proof of purchase.

You can read more about this below:


How does proof of purchase work?

When we request proof of purchase, your review is temporarily disabled and you are sent an email.

This email will ask you to provide proof of purchase such as an invoice, a receipt or a copy of an email exchange between you and a company representative.

Once we check your proof of purchase and are happy with it, we will republish your review with a green 'Verified Purchase' label.


What will you do with my private information?

ProductReview takes privacy very seriously. Any information that you send us is never given to a third party.

When providing proof of purchase, you are able to blank out any personal details other than your name or email from documents you send us.

For further information, please read our Privacy Policy.


Why do you ask for proof of purchase?

Our goal at ProductReview is to publish genuine reviews. Requesting proof of purchase helps us confirm that reviewers have used the product or service they've reviewed.


Please Note: You may be asked to provide proof of purchase even if the company you've reviewed has provided you a service.