I'm being pressured to remove my review! What do I do?

Provided your review is an expression of honest opinion, you should not feel legally pressured or threatened by an individual or a company. Please read the following article: GUIDE: Defamation.

Please note that the ACCC's guidelines for businesses do not allow the selective removal of reviews for promotional or commercial reasons.

If you receive any threats that distress or concern you, please make sure to contact us.

If you receive any verbal or physical threats concerning your private details and address, please contact the local police immediately.



  • Make sure your review follows our Posting Guidelines.
  • Check out Guide: Writing a Review.
  • Make sure your review doesn't personally identify anyone and that your review is as truthful as possible. Write about your experience in as much detail as you can.
  • Edit your review if you feel like it may be defamatory.
  • Should any pressure persist, contact the ACCC.