GUIDE: Writing a review

Reviews are an important part of the decision-making process for consumers. Your honest opinions and experiences help others make smarter purchases.

Below are a set of quick tips and things to avoid. We also strongly encourage you to read our Posting Guidelines.





In addition to our Posting Guidelines, here are some tips on writing a review:

  • Write about your experience - Avoid hearsay and don't write on behalf of someone else. There's no need to comment on reviews written by others.
  • Review the right product or service - If you're reviewing a store you purchased a product from, talk about the store - you can write a separate review for the product.
  • Write clearly - Good spelling and grammar make your review easier to understand.
  • Be fair - Talk about both the good and bad points.
  • Be respectful - Don't personally attack or insult others.
  • Be detailed and objective - The more details you provide, the more information other people can gain from your review.
  • Make use of the review tips - They'll pop up next to where you write your review and give you advice on what to add to your review.


Things To Avoid

To make sure your review is processed quickly, avoid the following:

  • Excessive CAPS.
  • Swearing.
  • Marketing-speak - (e.g. "This product is the BEST. Nothing in the world is better than this and I can guarantee you that everything else is second-rate.")
  • Personal details or contact details (names, phone numbers, etc.).
  • Lengthy quotes or copy/pasted material - especially email conversations.
  • Irrelevant links or advertisements - We reserve the right to remove any URLs.


Posting Guidelines

Before you write a review, make sure you read through our Posting Guidelines. The better your review follows our Posting Guidelines, the more likely it will be processed and published faster.

If your review does not meet our Posting Guidelines, it may be knocked back. So, it's best to read through the guidelines carefully and make sure your review is fine according to our guidelines.



Poor Review

I bought this smartphone last week. It works really well and has a lot of apps of it. The price was also good.


Good Review

Build: I bought this smartphone last week for $399. Its build quality is really good and feels solid in my hands. I think the screen size is a little too big (hard to use with one hand) but it's hard to tell since I've only had the phone for a few days and my last phone had a smaller screen.

Speed/Battery: Going from app to app is pretty fast but having too many open slows the phone down. The battery life is also pretty decent - I can go a whole day without having to charge the phone with light to medium use.

Call Quality: My biggest gripe is that the call quality could be better. A lot of the time, people can't hear me talk so I have to speak louder.

Overall, for the price I paid, I think the phone is good value for money. I haven't had the phone for very long, but I have a good first impression of it. I'd give it a 7.5/10.


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