Do you screen reviews?

As part of our goal to publish genuine reviews, we use several methods to screen reviews that are submitted to ProductReview in accordance with the ACCC's guidelines for review platforms.

You can read more about these methods below: 

We have been monitoring hundreds of thousands of reviews and are able to proactively analyse and filter reviews based on data such as IP addresses, devices used, browsers used and other information. We actively monitor review numbers and look out for any spikes in reviews.

We have a dedicated content team that processes reviews to help ensure that they comply with our Posting Guidelines before reviews are published. Our content team is also able to manually request reviewers to provide proof of purchase if they feel this is required. (Reviews with proof of purchase receive a green 'Verified Purchase' label).

In addition to this, we have a reporting system in place where people are able to flag any reviews they believe are suspicious. These reports are investigated on a case-by-case basis.

We also contact businesses to confirm if they are actively asking their customers for reviews or are offering incentives for reviews. Once confirmed, we place notices on listings to inform reviewers of any incentives in accordance with the ACCC's guidelines on incentives for review incentives.