Legal threat notices on your listing

Legal threat notices on your listing considers reasoned and polite requests regarding content removal. If you believe a review or other content should be removed for breaching our Posting Guidelines, infringing or violating someone’s rights or otherwise violating the law, you should report this by clicking on the flag icon under the posts.

We take a zero tolerance approach to threatening requests sent to ProductReview and reserve the right to place notices as shown in the examples below on your listing and instead of the removed reviews.

The following message may be published on the listing:

Please note that frivolous and/or copious takedown requests submitted by a party in order to manipulate consumer feedback on the ProductReview website may be treated by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) as contravening the Australian Consumer Law. As stated in our Legal Threats Policy, we reserve our rights to pass on such relevant information to the ACCC.