How do I log into my Brand Management Platform account?

How do I log into my Brand Management Platform account?

Logging into the Brand Management Platform requires you to have access to the inbox associated with the Brand Manager’s email. no longer uses passwords for logins. Instead, users are sent a login link when they attempt to sign in.

If you would like to log into the Brand Management Platform:

Step 1: Click ‘Sign In’ on the top right side of your browser.


Step 2: Select either: Continue with Google OR ‘Or use your email address’ depending on the email system that your company uses.


Step 3: Go to your email and find the email titled “Sign in to”.


Step 4: After you have clicked the sign in button provided in your email you will be directed to


Step 5: You will be able to enter the Brand Management Platform by clicking the ‘Brand Management’ tab on the top right corner of your browser.


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