How do the Manual Invitation Campaigns work?

How do the Manual Invitation Campaigns work?

This feature is only available for Professional and Premium Tier Brand Management customers.


  • How to initiate a Manual Campaign
  • How to monitor a Manual Campaign

How to initiate a Review Invitation Campaign

The Review Invitation Campaign enables you to collect reviews from your customers. The general process for this tool is as follows:

Step 1: Log into your Brand Management dashboard and click ‘Manual Campaigns’ on the left sidebar.

Step 2: Click ‘Create campaign’ to initiate a new invitation send out.

Step 3: Choose to either import your customers into the dashboard via a CSV file or to manually enter your customer’s email addresses and details.

You can also see a template of what this email will look like by clicking the ‘Preview’ button on the right side of each email address. If you would like to customise the message in your invitation campaign, you can do this by following these steps.


Step 4: Confirm that the email addresses provided have opted into promotional emails.

Step 5: Set up the number of retries and also the length of time between each retry.

Step 6: Submit your send out.

How to monitor a Review Invitation Campaign

Step 1: Log into your Brand Management dashboard and click ‘Invitation Stats’ on the left sidebar.

Step 2: You will be able to see a breakdown of campaigns, recipients, and also the status of your email (Review, Delivered, Opened, Clicked, Unsubscribed, Complained)


Please note:

The review invitation campaigns are not sent immediately. Campaigns are sent at specific intervals.

When sending out emails to customers through the Review Invitation Campaign feature, will never email these customers again with any other materials.

Emails from the Review Invitation tool are only sent once. We do not use these emails for any other purpose other than sending the review invitation. Once the reviewer signs up with, we may from time to time, on an opt-in basis, send them additional newsletters to their registered email address. Should a review invitation recipient not sign up to, they will receive no further correspondence. All information gathered and retained is in strict accordance with our Privacy Policy and followed at all times.'s Privacy Policy can be seen here.

Brand Managers that use the Review Invitation Campaign feature are the data owners and holders of the emails they provide to Once emails are sent using this system, does not contact these users again unless the customer signs up to to write a review. This data is stored on an Australian server.