Our Operating Model at ProductReview.com.au

At ProductReview.com.au, our goal is to be the leading independent voice for Australian consumer opinions that you can trust. In doing so, we take pride in having a business model that will never, ever compromise your trust. Our model, which you can learn more about below, is designed to put Australian consumer first.

ProductReview.com.au will always be free for consumers

From the very beginning, we designed ProductReview.com.au to be easily accessible to consumers across Australia and around the world. Reading & posting reviews & questions will always be free, alongside flagging & reporting content. We will never require a paywall to read any of our reviews. It’s in our core beliefs that openness & transparency to all users are essential to creating better purchasing decisions.

We never sell or trade your personal information behind your back

Just because we don’t charge you to use ProductReview.com.au as a consumer, it doesn’t mean we compromise on your privacy. We have a transparent revenue model so you can have complete knowledge you’re safe using ProductReview. We would never sell or share your name, email address, or identifiable metrics to any third parties behind your back, and when we do provide your information to a third party, it’s only with your explicit permission in order to bring you benefits as a consumer (eg. to provide more information from a brand you’re interested in).

Our services for Brand Managers

For companies and brands, we offer membership to our Brand Management Platform that is both free & paid.

We have a free plan that every brand listed on ProductReview can avail of (after verifying authorisation to represent the brand). They are able to read & reply to reviews and questions made about their product or service, alongside able to report reviews on their own listings.

We also have premium plans to suit a variety of needs. Depending on the tier, subscribers can access statistical information about their listing for analytics (like traffic metrics), use specially designed tools to leverage their reviews in their marketing, like Review Widgets or Review Badges, or invite customers to leave a review on ProductReview through Review Invitations.

Brand Managers can never pay to edit, hide or remove reviews for their product or service, nor can they pay to change their Star Score, so you can be rest assured that what you see is what you get. In addition, Brand Managers can never access your personal information, regardless if they’re a paid subscriber or not.

Advertising on ProductReview.com.au

We have two types of advertising programs on ProductReview.com.au — Google Ad Manager advertisements, and our own ProductReview Native Advertising solution. These programs are, in part, specifically chosen for use to protect our user privacy, while still offering a strong advertising solution for brands.

Doubleclick is operated by Google and is used by many of the world’s largest websites, and has a strong consumer-friendly policy. Doubleclick does use a user cookie, which is used in accordance to our Privacy Policy.

Our own Native Advertising program does not use any tracking information; the platform operates strictly using categories within the ProductReview website, only from brands well established on ProductReview.

Both of these programs never use your personal information to serve you ads, so when you use ProductReview, you can be rest assured that there’s nothing nefarious behind our advertisements.

Select data partnerships

We also have partnerships with select companies, such as Newscorp, to provide data about consumer shopping habits. The data we provide to these companies are provided as generalised data points; they contain no personally identifiable information and can not be traced to any one user. We only work with companies that have a strong, proven, public track record in protecting user privacy.

More information

If you’d like to learn more about how we handle your personal information & data, please read our Privacy Policy.

For more information about our commercial services, please visit our Brand Management Platform & Advertising pages.