Why was the review I reported not removed?

Why was the review I reported not removed?

We understand why businesses may find negative reviews unfavourable. However, provided that the review meets our Posting Guidelines, simply disagreeing with a review does not necessitate its removal. ProductReview does not endorse nor make judgements on the factual validity of reviews.

We hope you can understand as a publishing platform we don't take sides and our main goal is to make sure the review is a genuinely held opinion. Instead, we provide you the opportunity to give your side of the story by responding to a review.

The ACCC also states that the omission of reviews can be misleading:

"While it is clearly inappropriate for review platforms to remove negative reviews simply because a reviewed business makes a complaint, review platforms should be responsive to business concerns and react swiftly if evidence suggests that a review does not reflect a genuinely held opinion."

You can read the full ACCC guidelines for review platforms here→.