Why does my business not show up in Google Seller Ratings?

Why does my business not show up in Google Seller Ratings?

Google takes in many signals when it comes to generating Seller Ratings, including the review feeds that come in from the review partners they work with (including ProductReview.com.au). By default, ProductReview.com.au provides a feed nightly to Google. 

However, during feed processing, Google uses certain algorithms to ensure only what they feel are high-quality reviews are used for Seller Ratings. 

Like their search algorithms, Google is quite secretive about how their manage reviews in Seller Ratings. Since this whole process is based on proprietary algorithms, we don't have the insight to share what makes certain reviews appear over others.

However, here are some best practices to help increase the likelihood of your reviews appearing in your Google Adwords ads:

  • For your Seller Ratings to appear, businesses must have at least 100 unique reviews that have been submitted by customers from that same country.
  • Your cumulative rating (calculated using the reviews from users in that same country) must be 3.5 stars or higher.
  • Reviews are more likely to be picked up if they are sent using the Review Acquisition tools from the Brand Management Platform. 

Please keep in mind, ProductReview.com.au provide all reviews to Google through our feed. However, Google determines which reviews are accepted to appear in the Seller Rating extensions.

This means not all your reviews may appear in your Google seller ratings extension, as what is shown is ultimately determined by Google.

Note: Google does not accept incentivised reviews in their Seller Ratings feed. This is important to keep in mind when developing a review collection strategy. Any incentivised review will not be counted in your Seller Ratings feed. This has been enforced across all review platforms.