How does the Review Resolution Service work?

When your customer writes a negative review, they are given two choices: to post it publicly or resolve it privately with you.

If they choose to resolve their issues privately, you will receive an email alert from ProductReview. You will be able to go into Private Messaging section where you can read the unpublished review and get in contact with the reviewer to resolve their issues.

Here are some tips that we recommend you follow when using the Review Resolution Service:

  • If during the process, no resolution is reached and the reviewer opts to publish their review, we highly recommend to reply publicly; this shows to your audience that your brand listens to and cares about its customers.

  • It should be noted that a brand should not aim for a completely perfect 5 average rating, as brands of all sizes and capacities will receive negative reviews. Furthermore, consumers are incredibly adverse to perfect average ratings as it does not demonstrate a constructive, balanced review presence, appearing as "suspicious". In contrast, when a consumer sees a mix of positive and negative reviews for a high-rated product or service, they become more trusting of that brand.

  • Instead of using the Review Resolution Service as a tool to "block" negative reviews, the tool should be used as an "escalation level", in attempting to resolve the customer's pain points in improving their experience and opinion of the brand.


Please note: Reviewers have the ability to publish their reviews at any time even after they've elected to go through the Review Resolution Service.



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