Our Moderation Process at ProductReview.com.au

Imagine you’ve just written a review. Have you ever wondered what happens to it after you’ve hit the submit button? You might be surprised what we do with the thousands of reviews we receive every day. From a sophisticated content algorithm, to a dedicated, global moderation team, there’s plenty that goes on in the background to ensure that when you’re reading opinions on a product or service on our platform, you can have full trust & confidence with them.

Content Algorithm

There’s so much behind a review than just its words — and that’s why we have a sophisticated content algorithm directly built in the ProductReview.com.au platform. With over 1 million reviews, we’ve learnt what makes a good review, and what doesn’t — and we use that to our advantage with our proprietary content algorithm, sifting out questionable reviews, while expediting helpful ones.

We do this by analysing and monitoring millions of data points about products, brands, and members on ProductReview, where it is then attributed to whether this data point gravitates towards a review that is genuine and helpful, as opposed to a suspicious or fraudulent review.

Every single review we receive passes through this algorithm, where it is assigned a quality factor. We use this factor to either expedite your review approval, or whether to pass it to our Moderation Team to take a further look. This is why some reviews may be published in a short amount of time, while other reviews may take a couple of days to receive approval.

Since launching our platform in 2003, we have been constantly improving and refining our content algorithm to ensure that the reviews that you see are reviews that you can trust.


Moderation Team

You might think that, with as many reviews that we receive, that might be no human intervention before a review is published. It’s actually quite the opposite!

We have a dedicated & global Moderation Team, headquartered in Sydney, who work every single day to ensure that the reviews you depend on meet our Posting Guidelines. Our team of ten & growing not only personally scrutinise reviews that our algorithm flags as suspicious, but they also continually check & review existing reviews on our platform to ensure content is helpful, current, and constructive.

Our highly trained Moderators know when a review is in the right place with the right content — and when they don’t, they work with our members to make it so. Our aim is to publish as many helpful reviews as possible — we want to make your voice count & be heard, while at the same time, maintaining the integrity of the platform millions rely on every day.


Report System

Even with an industry-leading content algorithm & talented Moderation Team, a minority of reviews do slip through the cracks. But that doesn’t mean they’re not caught — thanks in part to you, the community. If you have a concern with any review, question, or comment on the platform, click the Report Review button. Every single report will be taken seriously to ensure that all reviews are genuine, and meet our Posting Guidelines.


What do we do with suspicious reviews?

We hate “fake reviews” as much as the next person — and we see a handful come through our platform each day. Lucky for us, more than 99.9% of these reviews are immediately detected by our algorithm and our Moderation Team way before it would be published.

That said, we don’t like brands or individuals who try to “game the system” as much as you don’t. We have a library of suspicious review patterns that we utilise to know when a business is posting fake reviews. What we do thereafter is dependent on what’s happened — in most cases, we ensure only genuine reviews remain, and we place a large informational warning on top of listing pages where suspicious activity has been found to occur. In more serious cases, we have, in the past, referred fake reviews to the ACCC, who have prosecuted offending businesses.

We never allow companies to post fake positive reviews, and we certainly don’t take money in exchange for them. If you’re concerned that a bunch of reviews are fake, please read our handy tips in Misconceptions Debunked, and feel free to learn more about our Operating Model.

What about Proof of Purchases? Why do you need them?

ProductReview.com.au is a trusted independent platform, which has many benefits to you, the Australian consumer. But this has a downside — as we’re not related to any companies or brands listed, we don’t have access to customer information to verify whether you were a real customer.

This is why we may ask for Proof of Purchase, and why uploading a Proof of Purchase may help expedite your review’s approval even faster. All we do with this information is check that the product or service you’ve reviewed matches up to an attributable receipt or invoice.

We never let brands or businesses have access to your Proof of Purchase, nor do we reveal any information about it, unless required by a court of law. We would never distribute or sell your Proof of Purchase, nor your personal information. If you’re concerned about your privacy, you’re even welcome to “white out” any sensitive information, like your address or credit card, before you submit your Proof of Purchase to us.

For more information about Proof of Purchases, please read our Help Centre article.